Tribunal II: Cases at a Glance

Case Name Case No. Charges Stage of Proceedings Link to Case Timeline Link to Key Documents
Chief Prosecutor vs. M.A. Alim ICT-BD Case No. 01 of 2012 17 Charges

  • 3 counts of Abetting Genocide appears to imply direct participation as well.
  • 14 charges of Abetting Crimes against Humanity appears to imply direct participation as well.
Prosecution Case in Chief, Witnesses 1-35 examined Timeline Alim Charge Framing Order
Chief Prosecutor vs. Abdul Qader Molla ICT-BD Case No. 02 of 2012 6 Charges

  • All charges are for Crimes against Humanity. All Charges imply direct participation and specifically allege Complicity in these crimes. Three of the charges allege Aiding and Abetting of Crimes against Humanity.

Qader Molla Full Judgement issued on 5 February 2013

Guilty on 5 of 6 Charges; Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Court’s Summary of Molla Judgment

Appeals (from both Prosecution and Defense) concluded before Appellate Division Court, awaiting judgment.

Timeline Qader Molla charge framing order
Chief Prosecutor vs. Md. Kamaruzzaman ICT-BD Case No. 03 of 2012 7 Charges

  • All charges are for direct participation in Crimes against Humanity and for Complicity in Crimes against Humanity
Kamaruzzaman Full Judgment issued 9 May 2013

Guilty of complicity in crimes against humanity on Charges 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7; not guilty on Charge 5 and 6

Appeal against conviction before the Appellate Division is pending with proceedings expected to begin in August of 2013.

Timeline Kamaruzzaman Charge Framing Order
Chief Prosecutor vs. Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid ICT-BD Case No. 04 of 2012 7 Charges

  • 1 charge of direct participation in Crimes Against Humanity.
  • 6 charges of Abetting Crimes Against Humanity. 5 of these charges are framed in the alternative specifying different types of Crimes against Humanity (e.g. abduction, or in the alternative murder).
Mujahid Full Judgment, issued 17 July 2013

Found guilty of 4 out of 6 charges, Charges 3,5, 6 (Charge 1 was combined with Charge 6), and 7. Sentenced to death for Charges 6 and 7.

Appeal against conviction is scheduled to be filed before the Appellate Division Court before 15 August 2013.

Timeline Mujahid Charge Framing Order
Chief Prosecutor vs. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, alias Bachu (trial in absentia) ICT-BD Case No. 05 of 2012 8 Charges

  • Formal Charge Framing Order has not yet been obtained by WCSC.
Final Judgment Azad, issued 21 January 2013.

Guilty on 7 of 8 Charges; Sentenced to Death

Kalam Azad Judgment (Summary) 21.01.13

Timeline Charge Framing Order
Chief Prosecutor vs. Ashrafuzzaman Khan and Chowdhury Mueen Uddin

Trial in Absentia

ICT-BD Case No. 01 of 2013

11 Charges

All of the 11 charges alleges direct participation in different types of Crimes against Humanity, including murder, abduction, and extermination and also alleges liability for abetment and under the doctrine of superior responsibility.

Prosecution Case-in-Chief, P.W.s 1 -7 examined; adjourned till 4th August, 2013. Timeline Charge Framing Order for Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan
Pre-Trial Stage of Chief Prosecutor vs. AKM Yusuf ICT-BD Misc Case

13 Charges

alleging abetting of and direct participation in Genocide and Crimes against humanity. Charged Under Sections 4(1) and 4(2) of the ICT Act.

Charge Framing Order Issued 1 August 2013, Trial Scheduled to begin 5 September 2013 Timeline AKM Yusuf Charge Framing Order
Investigation of Syed Mohammad Qaisar ICT-BD Misc Case

Charges not yet framed

Investigation Ongoing Timeline

Charge Framing Order

(Not Yet Issued)


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