Monthly Archives: October 2012

Project Launch

This week, observers from the Asian International Justice Initiative (AIJI) began attending criminal trial proceedings at the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) of Bangladesh.  Directed by Professor David Cohen, AIJI is a joint initiative of the Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center (WCSC) and the East-West Center (EWC). Our team of local and international trial observers will attend daily proceedings in ICT Chambers 1 and 2, and work together to produce reliable, objective, public reporting on the proceedings, which will be published on this blog.  Our weekly digests will also be cross-posted by the War Crimes Studies Center on its homepage, and by the East-West Center.

Although our presence in Court begins at a time when some of the ICT trials have already reached an advanced stage of proceedings, our goal is to build a website that provides well-organized, comprehensive, up-to-date information about all cases pending before the Chambers of the ICT.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as our project gets up and running.