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28 Jan 2013: ICT 1- Sayedee Defense Closing Arguments

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Prosecutor vs. Azharul Islam (Investigatory Stage)
  2. Chief Prosecutor vs. Delwar Hossain Sayedee: Defense Resubmission of Closing Arguments (Accused Present)

The Prosecution filed an application requesting permission to interrogate Azharul Islam at the Witness Safe House for two days. Defense counsel for Azharul Islam submitted that there is no reasonable cause to take their client to the safe house. They argued that the Investigation Authority can interrogate him at the jail and requested the Tribunal to pass an order on February 5, 2013, as that was the date fixed for the prosecution’s submission of the investigation’s progress report. The Tribunal fixed February 5, 2013 for order.

In the Sayedee case Abdur Razzaq continued the Defense’s Closing Arguments, addressing legal points for the 3rd consecutive day. The Prosecution began its reply to the Defense’s final arguments.

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17 Jan 2013: ICT 1 Daily Summary – Sayedee Prosecution Closing Arguments

The Tribunal heard the following case:

Chief Prosecutor vs. Delwar Hossein Sayedee

On behalf of the Prosecution, Haider Ali submitted the Prosecution’s final arguments, addressing Charges 17-19.

Haider Ali began by reading out the  Daily Jonokontho dated 5 March 2001 (Ext-08) regarding incident at Sajuddin Poshari and the killing of Fayzur Rahman (charge 5) and Aziz; the looting of shops in Bipod Shaha, Modon Shaha and Makhon Shaha; and general allegations of looting, burning houses, torturing people, forced conversion of Hindus, and killing of Hindus. He read out Exhibit -48,  the Daily Azad , dated 3 February 1972 relating to Charge 18. He read out Exhibit-12, the Daily Shamakal, and  Exhibit-46, a newspaper dated 17 July 2010; as well as Exhibit  47 dated 14 April 2001.

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