3 Jan 2013: Cross-Examination of PW 11 in Mujahid Case

Chief of Prosecution vs. Mujahid
The Defense conducted the cross examination of Mr Foyez Uddin Ahmad, Prosecution Witness 11. The 82 year old witness had previously testified against Mujahid, providing testimony supporting  Charge 2 for abetting and substantially contributing to the actual commission of offense of persecution as crime against humanity and genocide. He stated that Mujahid was the leader of Islami Chatra Sangha and subsequently became the head of Al-Badar Bahini. The witness alleged that Mujahid, accompanied by one Hammad Moulana, 8-10 non-Bengalees, and a Mr. Ishaque went along with the Pakistani Army and launched an attack directed against Hindu populated villages such as Baidyadangi, Majhidangi, and Baladangi. The charge further alleges that they killed 50 to 60 Hindus by gun fire and by setting fire to their houses, and that they carried out these actions with the intent to persecute and destroy the Hindu Community.

The Defense focused its cross-examination on questions designed to challenge the reliability of the identification evidence and undermine the credibility of the witness, leading to an inference that he could not have identified the accused to be connected with the alleged charges because he did not know him during the liberation war.

  • The witness was asked during his cross-examination about his school, Yasin Muslim Hight School, Tepakhola (presently named as Government Yasin College) and about the Head Masters / Principals thereof during different regimes.
  • The Defense asked about the presence of Razakaars in the witness’ locality during the liberation war. He commented that his areas of Dicrichor, Chor Horiram and Gazirtech had none.
  • The witness was asked about the number of areas in Faridpur city named “Komlapur”and answered that there were three, namely, Komlapur, Kuthibari Komlapur and Chorkomlapur.
  • He was asked about the character of Mr Maolana Abdul Ali, the father of the accused, and testified to the affirmative in regard to his piousness, being an Imam and Islamic scholar, and that he was released upon the instruction of Bangabandhu  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman following the arrest in the post-liberation period.
  • He stated that he was not aware about the number of children Maolana Ali had, their education details and that he did not personally know the accused Mr Mujahid at all. He remembers seeing him only once, in the local Sadar Hospital, but admitted that he saw him only from the back side.

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