11 Feb 2013: ICT-1 Daily Summary – Gholam Azam Cross-Examination of DW 1 Completed

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs Abdus Sobhan: Motion regarding harassment of Defense counsel (Not Present)
  2. Chief Prosecutor vs Ghulam Azam: Prosecution cross-examination of DW 1 (Accused Not Present)
  3. Chief Prosecutor vs Motiur Rahman Nizami – Adjourned until Feb 13.

At the beginning of the court session Tajul Islam informed the Tribunal that the clerk of Abdur Razzaq and Defense counsel for Abdus Sobhan were not allowed to enter into the Tribunal. The Tribunal then heard an application filed by Senior Defense counsel Abdur Razzaq requesting that Motiur Rahman Akond, defense counsel for Abdus Sobhan, cease to be subjected to harassment. He submitted that there was an order from the Court against harassment of the Defense team, even if the court had declined to pass an order regarding the warrantless search conducted by police at the Defense chambers, located at City Heart. Abdur Razzaq requested that the Tribunal pass an order.

Prosecutor Simon submitted that Tribunal should not pass an order regarding a matter which is not covered by the ICT Act 1973. He further said that the application should be rejected.

Prosecutor Haider Ali concluded cross-examining Abdullahil Aman Azmi (DW-1) of the Gholam Azam case and the Tribunal adjourned the proceedings until February 13.

The hearing of Nizami’s case was also adjourned until February 13, 2013. 

Chief Prosecutor vs. Gholam Azam

Cross-examination of Defense Witness 1, Abdullahil Aman Azmi
Azmi acknowledged that in vol-3, pg 144 of ‘Gibone Ja Dekhlam’ (Exhibit-H), it is stated that during the Liberation War Gholam Azam gave a speech on the radio. He also acknowledged that ‘Jamaat-e-Islamir Rajnitic Vhumika,’ Exhibit-I, is another book written by Gholam Azam. He confirmed that on pg 70 and 71 of that book there is discussion of the duty of the Jamaat-e-Islami Mojlishe Sura during Liberation War. Azmi stated that ‘Raw Forman Ali Khan: Bangladesher Jonmo,’ (Exhibit-BC), is a translated book and and that the introduction of this book was written by Muntasir Mamun. Haider Ali read out the last paragraph of page-51 and first paragraph of page-52 of this book where it is stated that on February 22 the President called a meeting and invited all governors and MLA. During the meeting, the President said the “bastard” must be punished. They proposed that Eahyea use military action. Haider Ali questioned DW-1, who that ‘bastard.’ In answer Azmi stated that the book itself is enough to make it clear.

Page-54 para-2 of this book stated that the main intention of West Pakistan (now known as Pakistan) was not to give East Pakistan (now known as Bangladesh) power to rule over West Pakistan. Page-54 of the book stated that I (the writer of the book) took the responsibility of Civil Affairs and communicated with Nurul Amin, Khaja Khoiruddin, Moulovi Farid Ahmed, Shofiqul Islam and Gholam Azam and requested them to come to the Head Quarters of the MLA. The book further confirmed that they (Nurul Amin, Khaja Khoiruddin, Moulovi Farid Ahmed, Shofiqul Islam and Gholam Azam) met with General Tikka (of the Pakistani Army) and agreed to give a statement in the newspaper and to form the Peace Committee. The book further states that they were truly obedient to Pakistan. The book further described the primary conduct of Peace Committee and all over conduct of the Razakars as excellent (page-94 and 96). Page-100 para-3 of this book stated that the main subject of the meeting in July and August was to take action against those from the MNA and MPA who fled to India  and to organize a by-poll to declare their constituencies as empty. Page 62 of ‘Ekattor-r Dinguli’ (Exhibit-EA) a book written by Jahanara Imam stated that a Peace Committee was formed and it had 140 members including Abdul Jobbar Khoddor, Mahmud Ali, Farid Ahmad, Syed Azizul Huq and Gholam Azam.

Azmi confirmed that (Exhibit-EQ, Vol-11) is the photocopy of a translated book, written by Moudud Ahmed and translated by Goglul Alam. He acknowledged that on pg-204, para-2 and 3 of this book it is stated that on the night of March 26, 1971 some army officers came to a hotel where they detained foreign journalists  and forced them to leave the country within 60 minutes. Moudud Ahmed in his book further stated that in the morning of March 27 he visited the city and found the dead bodies of his teachers and students in front of Iqbal hall.

Azmi confirmed that Exhibit-F, vol-12 is the photocopy of a book edited by Muntasir Mamun. On pf-63, para-4 of this book it is stated that Gholam Azam publicly supported the Pakistani occupying force and their illegal, inhuman and cruel works. This book further states that Ghulam Azam formed Al-Bodar Bahini and instigated them to kill the national intellectual community, including his teacher Munir Chowdhury, Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Aontosh Kumar Vottacharjo, Sirazuddin Hossen, his senior Shohidullah Kaiser, his friend Giashuddin Ahmed, his colleague Abul Khair, Anwar Pasha Rashedul Hasan and Mohammad Mortoja and his students ANM Golam Mostafa and Syed Nuzrul Huq.

Azmi reiterated that  what he said in his examination-in-chief was true. Thereafter, Tribunal finished cross-examining DW-1 and Tribunal adjourned the proceeding till February 13, 2013.