5 May 2013: ICT-2 Daily Summary – Mujahid DW 1

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs. Ali Ahsan Mohammed Mujahid: DW 1

Today the Tribunal heard the examination-in-chief and cross-examination of the first Defense witness in the Mujahid case. The witness is the youngest son of Mujahid and testified as a formal witness, exhibiting various documents before the Tribunal in support of the Defense case. After the conclusion of the cross-examination of the witness the Tribunal asked the Defense whether they plan to call any additional Defense witnesses. Defense counsel stated that they are unable to determine which witness to choose because the Tribunal has limited them to two witnesses in order to avoid unnecessary delay. The judges stated that this may be beneficial to the Defense because defense witnesses in previous cases have actually caused harm to the Defense’s case. The Tribunal then adjourned for the day till lunch.

After lunch, the overall security of the court area significantly deteriorated due to a mass protest by the Hefazat-e-Islam group in the Paltan Area in Dhaka. Our researchers therefore left the Tribunal at that time.

Defense Witness 1

The witness is a formal witness who exhibited the following documentary evidence:

Exhibit-Ka, Volume-14, relevant pages-14 to 16

  • Dhaka’r Muktijuddho, by Noor Jahan Shiraji  (wife of “martyred” journalist Shiraj Uddin Hossain).  The author she mentioned the names of various perpetrators of atrocities during the 1971 war, but does not name the Accused. [].

Exhibit 1, Volume-15, pages 1-99.

  • Muktijuddher Dalil Patra Faridpur, by Abu Sayeed Khan, a book on the history of war in Faridpur with an exhaustive list of Al-Badr and Razakar members

Exhibit-Kha series Volume-15, pages 290-295

  • Extract from the Daily Faridpur Kantha and the Daily Fatehabad, Dated 16 December 1971, containing a transcript of an interview with Captain Nur Muhammad Babul who was the sub-commander of the war in Faridpur, Sector 8.

Exhibit-Ga, Volume-14, pages 1-13

  • Dhaka’r Muktijuddho, by Md. Asad and Millat Hossain. Book regarding the memories of Prosecution witness 2, Zahir Uddin, and the late Jahanara Imam.

Exhibit-2, Volume-14, pages 275-406

  • Commemorative publication Shahid Shafi Imam Rumi Sharak Grontho.

Exhibit-Gha, Volume-14, pages 472-474

  • Commemorative publication Muktijuddhey Shajib group er Shahnewaz er Shriti, by Zahir Uddin Jalal.

Exhibit-Umo, Volume-14, pages 497, 498

  • The Daily Prothom Alo issues of 21 March 2012 and 28 March 2012, containing reports on the detention and torture of martyrs Rumi and Bodi in the Nakhal para, Dhaka.

Exhibit-Cha, Volume-14, pages 470

  • An official’s service information from Mohammadpur Sharirik Shikkha College, roll no. 25, Rustam Ali.

Exhibit-3, Volume-13, pages 269-306

  • List of convicts and the accused under the Collaborators’ Act from 1972, contained in the book of Dr SM Jahangir Alam.

Exhibit Cchoo, Volume-1, PAGES 255-264

  • Memorial of Narayanganj Adarsha School-2000 (the school where the accused used to work). It shows that the accused and others established an Islamic Society in 1975 and subsequently created this school.

[Exhibit-5, VCD-2, Item ‘Rahmat Ali’, File Name ‘VST_01_1].

  • Interview of Rahmat Ali Molla, the father of Prosecution witness 5, Rustom Ali Molla, given to Diganta TV on 11 June 2012

The witness reiterated that none of the aforementioned exhibited items name Mujahid as a party involved in the commission of any crime.

During cross-examination the Prosecution only asked the witness how many sibling Mujahid has.. He replied that he has eight brothers and two sisters and one uncle-in-law named Hammad Maolana.