3 September 2013: ICT-2 Daily Summary – Abdul Alim DW-3 Cross-Examination

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following case:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs. Abdul Alim

Tribunal 2 recorded the cross examination of DW-3, the son of the accused Abdul Alim.  Mr. Rana Das Gupta conducted cross-examination and posed various questions to the witness pertaining to matters regarding which he testified the previous day.


During the cross-examination, the witness replied to a question from the Bench by informing them that his father had surrendered to the authorities on 28 February 1972, following the government proclamation under the Collaborators’ Act of 1972. He said that a case was filed against his father under the aforesaid Act on 9 March 1972, but that he was subsequently acquitted due to inadequate evidence against him. He further testified that another case had been filed against the accused after the withdrawal of the first case, but the police gave the final report in his favor.

The witness denied the suggestion of Prosecution counsel that Alim had taken part in the provincial by-election in 1971 and had been elected uncontested. He did acknowledge that his father had contested the 1970 election as a candidate of Convention Muslim League, but had lost.  In response to further questioning, the witness said that he was not aware that his father had been the President of Jaipurhat Union Board before 1971 and the vice-chairman of Bogra District Council in 1971.

The conclusion of cross-examination of DW-3 marked the end of witness examination. The tribunal scheduled September 4, 2013 for the Prosecution closing arguments to commence.