8 December 2013: ICT-2 Daily Summary – Hartal Coverage of AKM Yusuf, PW-15

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following case:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs. AKM Yusuf

Due to ongoing unrest and blockades, our researcher was unable to be physically present in court this day.  Accordingly, our coverage was compiled from direct communication with the Tribunal and the Parties to the proceedings.

ICT-2 recorded the examination-in-chief of PW-15 in the case against AKM Yusuf. Junior Defense Counsel posed some questions to the witness, but cross-examination is scheduled to begin tomorrow, 9 December 2013.


The witness testified that the accused, Yusuf, was the Chairman of Khulna Peace Committee in 1971 and formed the Rajakar forces.

On 30 Ashyin in 1971, which was a Friday, the witness went to Bhasha Bazar (marketplace) around 3 pm. The witness came to the marketplace and saw that approximately 45 armed Rajakars had surrounded the Bazar from the east side. The Rajakars then tied up about 20 people, including the witness, and took them towards Moghia junction. The Rajakars cut off the penis of Horeram Mandal, who was the uncle of the witness. They then shot him and killed him with their bayonettes. Next, they opened his clothes and tied approximately seven people together with those clothes before shooting them too.

The witness testified that the Rajakars made him sit in the lap of his uncle and shot them from behind. His uncle was killed instantly and a bullet penetrated the witness from his back and through his left chest. They also charged to bayonet the witness. At this point, the witness unveiled his back in the court to show marks from his injury.

His next-door residents, Bhashai Kabir and Niru Bhui Mali, later rescued the witness after the Rajakar members departed from the area. He was then taken to his house by boat the following day. The witness recalled he was senseless during this period, but came to alone in his home.


The witness, in reply to defense questioning, said that he could not recognize any of the Rajakars mentioned in his testimony.

(Cross-examination to be continued)