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29 September 2013: ICT-1 Daily Summary – Mobarak Hossain, PW-11; Zahid Hossain Khokon, Pre-Trial Submissions

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs. Mubarak Hossain
  2. Chief Prosecutor vs. Zahid Hossain Khokon

Chief Prosecutor vs. Mobarak Hossain

In the case of Mubarak Hossain, the Tribunal recorded the testimony of Chaman Sikander Julkernine, PW-11. After the conclusion of the cross-examination, the Tribunal adjourned the proceedings in this case until 6 October 2013.

Chief Prosecutor vs. Zahid Hossain Khokon

In the case of Zahid Hossain Khokon, today was set for passing an order on charge framing.  However, the Tribunal deferred this action, instead fixing 9 October 2013 for passing the order on charge framing.   Continue reading

1-5 September 2013: ICT-1 Daily Summaries

From 1 to 5 September 2013 our observer was on leave. These summaries have been compiled from media coverage of the proceedings:

Summary of 1st September
In case of Motiur Rahman Nizami, the Defense conducted the cross-examination of Johurul Haque, Prosecution witness 18. Thereafter, Tribunal adjourned the proceedings of the case until tomorrow, 2 September 2013.

Summary of 2nd September
On 22 August Tribunal heard a petition filed by the Prosecution requesting the Tribunal to issue an order of contempt under section 11(4) of the ICT Act 1973 and Rule 45 of the Rules of Procedure against Human Rights Watch Board of Directors, Executive Director of Asia Division Brad Adams, and Associate of Asia Division Storm Tiv. Continue reading

30 July 2013: ICT-1 Daily Summary – Khokon Pre-Trial, Chowdhury Prosecution Closing Arguments

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Pre-Trial Proceedings against Zahid Hossain Khokon
  2. Chief Prosecutor vs. Salauddin Qader Chowdhury

On 18 July the Tribunal took cognizance of the charges proposed against Zahid Hossain Khokon and issued a warrant for his arrest. Today the Tribunal passed an order under Rule 31 instructing the relevant authorities to publish notice of the warrant in the Daily Jonokontho and the Daily Star asking Zahid Hossain Khokon to appear before the Tribunal by 14 August 2013.

In the Salauddin Qader Chowdhury case the Prosecution made its Closing Arguments for the third consecutive day. The Prosecution presented their arguments on Charges 7, 8, 10, 11, 14 and 17. On 24 July the Tribunal passed an order allotting the 3 days to the Prosecution for their Closing Arguments, with an additional day allotted for the Prosecution’s reply to the Defense’s Closing Arguments. However the Prosecution had not completed their submissions by the end of today’s session and requested two additional days. The Tribunal granted them only one additional day, asking that they complete their presentation by tomorrow, 31 July 2013.  Continue reading

18 July 2013: ICT-1 Daily Summary – Hartal Limited Coverage

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Investigation of Zahid Hossain Khokon
  2. Contempt Proceedings – The Economist: Adam Roberts and Others
  3. Investigation of ATM Azharul Islam
  4. Investigation of Mir Qasem Ali
  5. Chief Prosecutor vs. Salauddin Qader Chowhdury

Today the Tribunal 1 issued a warrant for the arrest of Zahid Hossain Khokon after taking cognizance of the charges brought against him. July 30 is scheduled for the hearing of the charges.

The Tribunal then addressed ongoing contempt proceedings against Adam Roberts as the South Asian Bureau Chief of the Economist. On 6 December 2012, the former chairman of the Tribunal announced that he had been called by a person from the Economist and asked for verification regarding alleged skype conversations with foreign legal expert and activist Ahmed Ziauddin. Subsequently the Tribunal issued an order for the Economist to show cause for their ‘interference with the ongoing trial and violating the privacy of a judge.’ On 25 March 2013, Mustafizur Rahman submitted a written reply on behalf of Economist. Today, 18 July 2013, Tribunal heard arguments from both Roberts’ representative and the Prosecution. They fixed 27 August for passing the Tribunal’s order on the matter.

The Prosecution submitted the Formal Charge against ATM Azharul Islam to the Office of the Registrar and informed the Tribunal. The Tribunal set 24 July for the decision of taking cognizance of charges.

Today was fixed for the charge hearing against Mir Qasem Ali. However, the Defense sought six weeks time for additional preparation. The Tribunal scheduled the hearing for 25 July.

In the Chowdhury case the cross-examination of the Defense Witness 3, Qayyum Reza Chowdhury, was also scheduled. However the Defense requested an adjournment. The Tribunal allowed the prayer and fixed 21 July for cross-examination of the witness.