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23 June 2013: ICT-1 Daily Summary – Chowdhury Testifies as DW 1

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs. Salauddin Qader Chowdhury

Today the Tribunal heard the fifth day of testimony from Defendant Salauddin Qader Chowdhury, testifying as Defense witness 1. The witness testified that political persecution is an occupational hazard for politicians in Bangladesh, more so for politicians with a populist image and holders of elective office. He testified that during the Caretaker Government’s rule following the military coup of January 2011 (popularly known as 1/11), many politicians were persecuted through theof  filing spurious charges aimed at debarring them from elections or holding elective office. Chowdhury stated that the current persecution of populist leaders is only a continuation of similar objective pursued by the 1/11 “bandits,” i.e. to debar populist politicians from contesting elections.  Continue reading