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29 Jan 2013: ICT-2 Daily Summary – Contempt Proceedings and Kamaruzzaman documentary evidence

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1.  Warning of Contempt Proceedings against Daily Naya Diganta
  2. Chief Prosecutor vs. Muhammad Kamaruzzaman: Hearing of application for submission of further documentary evidence (Accused Present)
  3. Contempt Proceedings Against Suranjit Sen Gupta (Accused Not Present)

Comments on Court Administration
Mr Abdul Baset Majumdar, senior counsel for Suranjit Sen Gupta, opened the day’s proceedings by expressing his dissatisfaction with the security clearance procedure at the entrance of the International Crimes Tribunal. He commented that the security often becomes onerous, especially for senior counsel who should be entitled to easier access. He acknowledged the necessity of security protocol but stated the methods and mechanisms employed should be more user-friendly. The Chairman of ICT-2 agreed with Mr Baset, stating that even his car was subject to significant checks at the gates and that the matter will be looked into. In the meantime the court asked counsel for both parties to cooperate.

The court then began hearing arguments in contempt proceedings and within the case of Kamaruzzaman. Continue reading