8 January 2013: Daily Sumary Tribunal 1- Golam Azam

The Tribunal heard matters in the following case:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs Golam Azam – Defence Case-in-Chief

Proceedings focused solely on the Defense’s exhibit of documents that they will rely on for their case:

The defense used the witness to exhibit many books, newspapers and documents, including a photocopy of ‘What happened in 1971 and who were Razakars’; ‘Bangladesh: Unfinished Revolution (Part-2)’; ‘Pakistan Crisis in Leadership’; ‘The Re-trial of East Pakistan’ a book written by General Niazi; ‘The Pakistan Army 1966-71’ written by Mejor General Shawkat Reza (Retired) (Chaper-4,5; page 101-131); ‘Pakistan Crisis in Leadership’ written by Mejor General Fazal Muhim Khan (Retired)(page 115-131; 159-173); ‘Dhaka’s Dibbled’ written by Syed Alamder Raja (page 61-65); ’71: in the eyes of Pakistani’ written by Professor Muntasir Mamun and Mohiuddin Ahmed (page 311-360); ‘Internal Strife and External Intervention’ written by Hasan Azkari Rizvi (page 114-271); ‘The deliberate dib able’ written by Dr Shafder Mahmud (page 55-199); ‘Bangladesh: Victim of Black Propaganda Intrigue and Indian Hegemony’ written by Azammal Hossain (page 32-52); ‘Crisis of East Pakistan’ written by Shoforraz Hossain Mirza (page 59-90); ‘Unprotected Independence is the subordination’ written by Mejor Jalil and edited by Atique Helal; and ‘Detained in an Indian Jail’ written by Muhammad Alamgir (page 11-31).

While Mizanul Islam was exhibiting ‘Documents of the Liberation War in Bangladesh,’ a book written by Hakkani, Prosecutor Zead-al-Malum raised objection alleging that  it is a banned book.

Mizanul Islam exhibited photocopies of two books written by Professor Golam Azam: ‘Aggression of India and Bengali Muslims’; ‘Palashi to Bangladesh’; ‘The Question about the Existence of Independent Bangladesh’.

Mizanul Islam on behalf of Azmi exhibited photocopies of the daily statements about the activity of Razakars in Modoni, Lokhiganj, Chollisha, Rahurhat, Amtola, Jahangirpur in July, 1971. He exhibited the daily statements of Razakars in Netrokona in August and September, 1971.

He exhibited a lot of documents, including the certified copy of a gazette dated 07-09-1971, regarding Razakar Ordinance 1971; Syllabus and Documents on Razakars and their Training and Organizations dated 16-12-1971; a photocopy of a letter written by the Director of Razakars to a Assistant Director of the Razakars; a photocopy of documents about the verification of the Razakars G.S.O-2 dated 08-09-1971 and G.S.O-3 dated 09-09-1971; a list of the armed Razakar dated 22-09-1971; a list of selected Razakar commanders; the Complaint Register No-1 dated July 21, 2010, search list and evidential documents Volume-3,4,5 and 6 from the Investigation Authority, International Criminal Tribunal Bangladesh; Photocopies of the interviews of the Golam Azam published in different medias; Documents of the India-Bangladesh relation (1971-2002) including the speeches of former Prime minister Indira Gandi; Statement of Lokshova dated 27-03-1971; Speech of the Mr Muhammad Ali in the General Assembly of the United Nations  on September 27, 1971 as found in the Bangladesh Document volume-2;  and a whitepaper of the crisis in East Pakistan (page 45-53) as found in Pakistan Horizon, journal volume-xxv no 1, 1972 (page 21).

The Defense then exhibited numberous photocopies newspapers dated from 2008 to 2011 about banning Jamaat-e-Islami, punishment and trial and accused of the war criminals, statements of different Awami-League leaders published in different newspapers, and statements of the current Prime minister about the Razakars as published in Daily Amer Desh dated 22-04-10. While Mizanul Islam was exhibiting different newspapers Prosecutor Zead-al-Malum raised question regarding the relevancy of these documents.