9 Jan 2013: ICT 1 Daily Summary: Gholam Azam Defense Case-in-Chief

Today the Tribunal heard matters in the following cases:

  1. Chief Prosecutor vs. Professor Gholam Azam: Defense Witness 1 Direct examination

The Defense continued the testimony of Defense Witness #1, Abdullahil Aman Azmi, who began giving his testimony on November 12, 2012. Today he introduced 3 volumes of documents into evidence as exhibits. A few items still remain to be exhibited but were not allowed today due to the objection of the Prosecution that these items are not legible. The Tribunal agreed and the Defence assured the court that the illegible documents would be typed so as to make them readable. The Defense sought adjournment for time to complete the task. Tribunal allowed their prayer and adjourned until Sunday.

Details of Exhibited Items and Defense Witness #1
Today Azmi exhibited photocopies of numerous books including: Secret documents of America, edited by Mizanur Rahman Khan; Not the Whole Truth, written by Shoforraz Hossen Mirza (page 19-25); Bangladesh: Emergence of a Nation, by A M A Muhith (page 235-257); Pakistan crisis in leadership, by Mejor General Fozle Mukim Khan (Retired) (page 92-146); Muktijudher Purbapor Kothapokothon, published by Prothoma Prokashoni (page 37-143); Behath Biplob, by Ahmed Sofa; Blood and Tears, by Kutubuddin Ahmed; Declaration of Independence, Myth and Documents, by Masudul Huq; Pakistan’s failure in National Intrigation, by Rawnak Jahan (page 185-205); Last few days of undivided Pakistan, by G W (page 74-103); Bangladesh O Shaetho-sashon Theke Shadhinota, by Moudud Ahmed (page 168-207); Bangladesh Document; Ekathor ar Judhoporadh abong Judhaporadhi-der Bichar, by Shahriar Kobir (page 63-65); Mujib r Karagar a Powne Sathsho Din, by Advocate Sadh Ahmed.

The witness then exhibited photocopies documents, including: Press Note of the Government of Pakistan, letter written by Sector Commander-1 to Commander in Chief of Bangladesh Force dated 04 December 1971; Dhaka Gazette dated 10 August 1971; Press release dated 07 July 1971, 04 December 1971, 06 December 1971; 08 December 1971 taken from Bangladesh, Liberation War, Mujibnagar Government’s Document 1971; Gazette Notification of 1972; Notification of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Government dated 18 April 1973; Bangladesh Gazette dated 31 January 1972; ICT Act 1973 Bill, First Amendment of the Constitution; Discussion upon the ICT Act 1973 Bill at the Parliament; Tripartite Agreement between Bangladesh, India and Pakistan; Shimla Treaty taken from Bangladesh Document; and a document taken from http//history.state.gov/countries/Bangladesh.

Azmi then exhibited photocopies reports published in different newspapers including ‘The Guardian’ dated 06 June 1972; Observer dated 01 December 1973; Daily Shongram dated 01 March 2012; reports published in the Daily Inquelab and the Daily Ajker Kagoj in March 1992 ; Editorials of the daily Noya Diganto and Amer Desh dated 01 November 2011; the Daily Inquelab dated 28 August 2000; the Daily Prothom Alo dated 07 December 09; the Daily Amardesh dated 27 April 2011 (on-line publication) and reports published in the Daily Ittefaq in 1992.

The Tribunal allowed the Defense to exhibit two documents over the objection of the Prosecution. Prosecutor Zead-al-Malum raised his objection against the report published in Daily Bangla and related Press release of the Government in 1973 since it was a type-written copy, and against a report published in the Daily Jonokhontho dated 05 August 2000 because he alleged that it was not clear whether it was a report of Jonokontho or not.

In the beginning of the morning session Lead Prosecutor Zead-al-Malum said that while exhibiting the documents the Defence had repeated some documents. Justice Jahangir Hossain stated that given the number of documents being exhibited by the Defense it was understandable that there be some repetitions.

Chairman was not present in the Tribunal since he is on leave. The Members of the Tribunal was reluctant to adjourn the case and was willing to finish the deposition of the DW-1 by Thursday. However, Defence Counsel Mizanul Islam submitted that it would be very difficult for him to exhibit the rest of the documents since they have to type almost a volume so Defence need time and DW-1 will not be able to come on Thursday due to his personal difficulty.