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Weekly Digest Issue 7: 3-7 March

This week’s Weekly Digest follows Tribunal 1’s progress in the Gholam Azam case where the Defense continued its Closing Arguments. Additionally, the report contains a summary of witness testimony in the Salauddin Qader Chowdhury case. The Tribunal also formally took cognizance of the charges against Mubarak Hossain and ordered that he be detained in jail this week.

Turning to Tribunal 2, the report details developments in the Mujahid, Kamaruzzaman, and Alim cases and additionally addressed several ongoing contempt proceedings. In the Mujahid case the Tribunal disposed of three Defense applications and heard the direct examination of Prosecution witnesses 14, 15 and 16. In Kamaruzzaman the Tribunal heard testimony from Defense witnesses 1, 2 and 3. In the case of Abdul Alim they heard testimony from Prosecution witness 12. Finally the court dealt with ongoing contempt proceedings against Jamaat leaders, the Daily Shongram, and MK Anwar.

Please read the full report here: Weekly Digest, Issue 7 – March 3-7

Weekly Digest Issue No. 2 January 27-31

This week’s proceedings were dominated by the completion of Closing Arguments in the Sayedee case, heard by Tribunal 1. The Defense presented legal arguments regarding delay in prosecution, malafide intent, the elements of the crimes, and the value of out-of-court statements admitted into evidence under Section 19(2) of the ICT Act. The Prosecution submitted its reply and requested the death penalty against the Accused. The case is now under review and awaiting the Tribunal’s judgment.

Tribunal 2 had a light week, primarily dealing with administrative and evidentiary applications. They additionally heard arguments in pending contempt proceedings.

Read the full report here: Weekly Digest Issue No. 2 – Jan 27-31 

Weekly Digest, Issue No. 1 – January 20-24, 2013

This is the first issue of the Weekly Digest, a summary of proceedings at the International Crimes Tribunal that will be published on a weekly basis. These reports are designed to provide an overview of events in a digestible manner, suitable to those who want to stay abreast of the proceedings but do not have the time to follow the Daily Summaries.

This week the Tribunal issued its first verdict, the judgment in the Case of Chief Prosecutor vs. Abul Kalam Azad, alias Bachu. The Defendant was tried in absentia by Tribunal 2, and found guilty of six counts of crimes against humanity and one count of genocide. He was sentenced to death by hanging. Tribunal 1 primarily heard the Defense’s closing arguments in Chief Prosecutor vs. Delwar Hossain Sayedee. The Tribunal additionally addressed applications for the removal of Prosecutor Zead al-Malum among other matters.

Read the full report:

Weekly Digest, Issue 1 – Jan 20-24

Contents of Weekly Digest Issue No. 1
Cases Covered:
Tribunal 1: Sayedee, Nizami, Golam Azam, Chowdhury
Tribunal 2: Kalam Azad, Mujahid, Kamaruzzaman, Qader Molla, Abdul Alim

Applications and Orders:
Tribunal 1: Application for Removal of Prosecutor Zead al-Malum; Application for Contempt Proceedings against Ahmed Ziauddin; Application for Review of Order Denying Retrial; Application for Extension of Bail;

Tribunal 2: Final Judgment; Contempt Proceedings against MK Anwar and Sranjit Sen Gupta; Witness Testimony

Read the full report here:

Weekly Digest, Issue 1 – Jan 20-24